Training Courses Listing

The Shepton Vet Group offers a wide range of courses, discussion groups and farm walks throughout the year. We aim to offer courses that are relevant to the time of year, so that new ideas can be put into practice on farm as soon as possible. Many of our courses are very practical in nature and we hold them on farm whenever possible.

We keep groups small on our training courses, which has several advantages. It means that we can tailor the pace and content to keep it appropriate to everyone. Small groups also mean that everyone gets plenty of time to take part in practical sessions.

We keep the cost of training courses as low as possible, often obtaining funding from outside bodies like the South West Healthy Livestock Initiative (SWHLI). We always deliver impartial advice, so only obtain funding from bodies that will not interfere with this.

We have a huge pool of knowledge and experience within the practice, as many of our vets have attended courses on communication and facilitation. We believe that we are ideally placed to improve your knowledge and skill base, so if you cannot find a course that suits your needs let us know and we will produce one!

Training courses in the last year have included AI training and refresher courses, foot trimming, lameness control, calving, practical mastitis and cell count control, calf rearing, nutrition, johns disease control, ways to improve fertility, dry cow management, and responsible medicine usage.

For a full listing of courses available this year, including LANTRA ones, please visit the course listing section.